Eva Barboni is a campaign strategist with experience managing projects across five continents, in often complex and demanding environments. Since her first national campaign in 2003-2004 on behalf of US Presidential candidate Howard Dean, Eva has developed and implemented innovative communications and grassroots engagement strategies for a diverse range of clients.

She has extensive global campaign experience, with a strong focus on the EMEA region, where she has managed multilingual projects in numerous countries. Her work has taken her around the world: from Iraq, where she helped launch a new political party, to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she managed an effort to push for free and fair elections.

Mayoral and national-level campaign victories have included Boris Johnson’s re-election campaign for Mayor of London in 2012, Nana Akufo-Addo’s campaign for President of Ghana in 2016, and Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign for President of Nigeria in 2011. She has also successfully managed campaigns for the leadership of international organisations. 

In addition to her campaign work, Eva has advised both corporate and government clients on effective international communications strategies. She has provided strategic counsel to CEOs, government ministers, and heads of state on a wide range of issues impacting their global reputations and relationships.

She is featured as an expert in Women's Media Center's SheSource database, and she regularly speaks at conferences, workshops, and events on topics including politics, campaigning, and gender equality. 

Eva has a B.A. from Swarthmore College, where she studied Political Science.


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