Atalanta in Stylist: "This is how the online abuse of women politicians is affecting our democracy"

Stylist reports on one of the newest hurdles to recruiting more women politicians: online harassment. Citing Atalanta’s recent report, “(Anti)Social Media: The Benefits and Pitfalls of Digital for Female Politicians”, Stylist details the impact of online abuse, and the toll it takes on candidates and our democracy:

One of the most troubling issues preventing gender parity in UK politics is the fact that online abuse of politicians has become the norm – and it is disproportionately targeted at women.

The latest evidence to support this idea comes from an international study that compared the online treatment of prominent women politicians with their male counterparts. After analysing social media conversations about female and male political leaders in the UK, South Africa and Chile, the study found that the women were three times more likely than the men to receive sexist comments.

Read more about our report, released in collaboration with BrandsEye, on Stylist.

Eva Barboni