Atalanta on Fox News: "Online abuse of women in politics undermines both them and our democracy"

Fox News ran an op-ed from Atalanta Founder & CEO Eva Barboni, highlighting the impact that online abuse of female politicians has on both the politicians themselves and on our broader democratic systems. The piece cites a recent report released by Atalanta, in collaboration with BrandsEye:

While anyone active online has the potential to be targeted with abusive comments, new research we released this week exposes how it impacts one group that often bears the brunt of harassment: women politicians.

Across a range of categories of gendered or derogatory conversation – from quips about their clothing to expletive-laden threats – the data showed that women politicians received more comments than their male counterparts. The difference was particularly stark when it came to commentary about politicians’ appearance or marital life, nearly three quarters of which were directed at women rather than men. While male politicians received only slightly fewer derogatory comments, women were three times more likely to have those comments specifically reference their gender.

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Eva Barboni