Atalanta is a social enterprise dedicated to advancing women's leadership worldwide and accelerating programmes that tackle the root causes of gender inequality. In some ways, we are similar to a traditional communications and political consultancy: we provide support to a range of clients including government ministries, candidates, political parties, non-profits, and corporations. However, our social mission is at the heart of everything that we do. We only work with clients who are committed to gender equality, and we dedicate 1/3 of our profits to providing pro-bono or low-bono support to clients aligned with our mission who have limited resources.

Our specific focus areas include:

1. Political Campaign Strategy & Execution

Atalanta works with both individual candidates and political parties around the world. Based on the needs and existing capabilities of the local campaign team, we deploy teams of consultants with the specific expertise that will be most beneficial to the campaign. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with in-country partners, combining our international experience with their local knowledge and cultural insight.


We're big believers in the power of digital campaigning to level the playing field for female candidates. That's why we've teamed up with award-winning digital agency Tectonica to develop WinningWomen, a personalised digital campaign solution for female candidates, built on NationBuilder's powerful online organising platform. Learn more.

2. Advisory Services for Political Leaders

Getting elected is just part of the battle for all politicians regardless of gender, but women often face even greater barriers to career advancement once they’ve passed the first hurdle. We offer ongoing advisory services to help female politicians succeed in office and rise through the political ranks. We also work with male political leaders who have a strong commitment to equality that is reflected in their policy priorities and portfolios. Services are tailored to each client’s specific needs, drawing on the expertise of our staff and consultant network.

3. Communications Support for NGOs & Corporate Clients

Atalanta also provides consulting services to NGOs and corporate clients that are committed to advancing gender equality. We work on a range of issue areas including: women’s rights, political participation, education, economic empowerment and financial inclusion, equal pay, gender based violence, trafficking, reproductive health, nutrition, and climate change.