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Getting impatient

29 November 2017 · 2 min read

Getting impatient

An increasing amount of energy and attention is being devoted to discussing gender inequality in politics. Recent revelations about widespread sexual harassment and abuse around the world (encapsulated in the #MeToo movement) have rightly prompted global outrage, even if they come as little surprise to female politicians and activists. Whether this outrage will usher in reforms that would make it easier for women to enter and succeed in politics remains to be seen, but momentum for change appears to be building.

Meanwhile, for the first time in a decade, the gender gap has actually widened. Taking into account slowing progress on political equality, closing the political gender gap will take another 99 years. So, unless something changes, almost nobody alive today will see a world where men and women can enter and succeed in politics on an equal footing.

How did we get here? And what can individual political leaders, countries, and organisations do to change the situation? Those are the questions addressed in this report, taking a look not just at the source of the problem, but at the potential solutions.

Having worked for political candidates, government ministers and heads of state for a decade and a half, I’ve seen first hand the particular hurdles that women face and the disparity in the resources that they have access to compared to their male counterparts. Knowing that the playing field isn’t likely to be levelled any time soon, I decided to launch Atalanta to provide female candidates and officeholders with the tools and strategic guidance needed to overcome the barriers put in front of them. From campaign strategy to career advancement and profile building, Atalanta provides professional advice from a team of experienced strategists who understand the unique challenges that female leaders face.

We’re also working to quicken the pace of progress towards gender equality, providing strategic support to programmes across a range of issue areas that have the potential to jumpstart a cycle of positive change.

We hope this report contributes to the global dialogue about how to improve women’s political participation. But, more than that, we hope that it inspires action and prompts new and innovative approaches to catalyse change. After all, it’s time we all got a bit more impatient.

Eva Barboni

Founder & CEO Atalanta

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