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We work with clients committed to delivering positive impact.

We work on the issues that matter for people and the planet.

We work on a range of issues aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—from advancing gender equality to delivering quality education for all and building sustainable cities and communities.

We support a range of organisations and leaders that are passionate about delivering positive impact. These range from political candidates and parties, to NGOs and advocacy organisations.

  • Political candidates and parties

    We work with candidates and parties that share our commitment to advancing sustainable, inclusive development.

  • Public leaders

    We work with public leaders who are committed to leaving a positive, lasting legacy for their organisations or countries.

  • Government ministries

    We work with government ministries and agencies, often focused on delivering robust reform agendas.

  • NGOs and advocacy organisations

    We help NGOs and advocacy organisations campaign for the causes they believe in and build their public profile.

  • Philanthropies

    We work directly on behalf of philanthropies and their leaders as well as supporting their grantees’ communications needs.

  • Multilateral organisations

    We work with multilateral organisations on strategic communications and stakeholder engagement campaigns.

  • Electoral campaigns

    Our team has decades of campaign experience and has successfully elected heads of state, mayors, MPs, and more.

  • Gender equality

    We are committed to advancing gender equality and have a track record of getting women into public leadership positions.

  • Global health

    We have led several global health campaigns, including two focused on pandemic preparedness and response.

  • Education

    We have extensive experience in the global education sector on behalf of philanthropies, NGOs, and governments.

  • Sustainability and conservation

    We have a robust sustainability and conservation practice, which has led multiple global communications and stakeholder engagement campaigns.

  • Peace and security

    We have operated in a range of conflict-affected contexts and have led efforts focused on advancing peace and security.

  • Campaign for leadership of major UK political party

    We led the digital organising strategy on behalf of a candidate for the leadership of a major UK political party. The digital effort was widely hailed as the best of any of the candidates and drove both supporter engagement and positive media coverage.

  • Rebranding for leading organisation countering digital hate

    We designed and implemented a new brand identity for a leading organisation focused on countering digital hate against women globally. We developed a range of brand assets and designed and developed a new website.

  • International media launch of landmark pandemic report

    We ran the global media launch of the landmark report into pandemic preparedness and response, resulting in over 150 articles across 30+ countries and 15 op-eds in top-tier outlets including El País, CNN, The Economist, The Age, and Le Monde.

  • Communications and stakeholder engagement for Ministry of Education

    We worked with a Ministry of Education in a West African country to develop and deliver a strategy focused around an ambitious reform effort. This included message development, stakeholder engagement and local and international press relations.

  • Support for global environmental campaign

    We worked with a global environmental campaign supporting high-level political stakeholder engagement, international negotiations, and awareness raising on the African continent. This included working closely with former heads of state to highlight the importance of halting climate change and preventing further biodiversity loss.

  • Supporting programs on women, peace, and security in Afghanistan

    We worked with a leading non-profit to help women get elected as MPs on a women’s rights and peace platform–and to ensure that their voices are still heard following the Taliban takeover. We also worked with an Afghan NGO to support grassroots peace activists.

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Atalanta Limited is a private limited company registered in England and Wales, with company number 10924770. Registered address: First Floor, 5 Fleet Place, London EC4M 7RD, United Kingdom.

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