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'Overlooked' women are a new political force

17 June 2022 · 1 min read

'Overlooked' women are a new political force

A recent Financial Times article, The perils of overlooking women of a certain age, linked the sudden prominence of the Acting Your Age campaign, which calls for more acting roles for older women, to the successes of the 'Teal' independent political candidates' election campaigns in the Australian election.

Columnist Pilita Clark believes that the seemingly overnight success of these campaigns can be attributed to middle-aged women, a traditionally overlooked and ignored cohort, organising and working together to support candidates and actions that prioritise their concerns.

Examining the paralells between the UK and Australia, Clark interviewed our Chief Operating Officer, Elizabeth Ames, who told her that the Australian Liberal Party was "trying a Red Wall strategy in Australiaā€¯, looking to appeal to blue-collar men, over professional women. The failure of this strategy in Australia should be a warning for the British Conservative party, which also risks an electoral backlash should it side-line the "pent-up" demand of many in the community to see concrete action on gender equality, as clearly demonstrated in the success of the Acting Your Age campaign.

Read the full article in the Financial Times here.

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