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We take a disciplined approach to defining, tracking, and measuring impact.

In order to achieve impact, you need to understand how to measure it.

At the start of every engagement, we work closely with our clients to define their objectives. Whether it’s a clear-cut goal like winning an electoral campaign or a longer-term ambition to shift the public opinion landscape on a key issue, we believe it’s essential to clearly articulate what the objective is and how we’ll know if we achieve it.

We then work with our clients to develop monitoring, evaluation, and learning frameworks to track progress and deliver evidence of success. This is an ongoing process; we continuously analyse our campaigns and provide comprehensive dashboards that focus on outcomes and lessons learned, not just statistics. We refine, regroup, and reset as needed to ensure we're always using the most effective approaches to help you reach your objectives.

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)

    We work with our clients to define key performance indicators (KPIs), which enable us to assess whether objectives are being achieved. These include both quantitative and qualitative indicators, ensuring that we are capturing the full picture of our clients’ impact. Progress against these KPIs is tracked on an ongoing basis and reviewed regularly in order to assess what’s working and where course corrections are needed.

  • Performance dashboards

    We create interactive performance dashboards using tools including Google Data Studio and Airtable. These provide our clients with a real-time view of KPIs and progress against defined objectives, ensuring that there are “no surprises” when it comes to campaign performance. The dashboards also give clients the ability to toggle between different date ranges and filter results by pre-set criteria.

  • Monitoring

    We carry out social media and media monitoring on behalf of our clients. We have experience using a range of social media monitoring tools for both tracking owned-channel performance and social listening. We help our clients identify the tools that best align with their objectives and budgets. We also carry out global media monitoring on our clients’ behalf, incorporating multilingual capabilities where needed.

  • Public opinion research

    Where possible, we carry out benchmark research, giving our clients a clear picture of the level of public support for a particular issue or campaign before activities begin. This provides us with a baseline against which to measure progress moving forward. We then carry out tracking polls to assess change over time and identify any emerging issues that impact our strategic approach.


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