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We create tailor-made strategies that deliver results.

We take a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach to strategy development.

Whether you want to shape public opinion, run for political office, or advocate for change, we create tailor-made strategies that deliver results. We believe strongly in the power of collaboration. Our strategy-development process leverages our partners’ sector knowledge and cultural insights alongside our team’s global experience and subject-matter expertise.

Using public opinion research, stakeholder interviews, landscape analysis, and workshops, we develop comprehensive strategies grounded in evidence.

  • Public opinion research

    Any campaign aimed at shaping public opinion or driving public action must begin with a clear understanding of public sentiment. We work with trusted polling partners to conduct quantitative research aimed at assessing the state of play and identifying opportunities to engage key audiences. We also conduct focus groups that dive deeper into why people hold particular views and how to reach and motivate them.

  • Stakeholder interviews

    We conduct one-to-one or small-group interviews with key stakeholders. We develop interview questionnaires, in collaboration with our clients, and execute the interviews on their behalf. By managing the process, we create a safe space for stakeholders to share their unvarnished views about our clients and their causes. This direct insight and feedback is invaluable for developing effective engagement strategies.

  • Landscape analysis

    Leveraging our team’s sector knowledge and experience, we conduct landscape analyses that help our clients understand their position vis-a-vis their competitors, the key influencers in their space, sources of opposition to their campaign or cause, and prevailing narratives in the media. This analysis provides a critical point of reference, whether the end goal is to advance a cause or raise the profile of an organisation.

  • Workshops

    Our team has several experienced workshop facilitators. We deploy a range of workshop models during our strategy-development process. These include workshops focused on articulating your mission and vision, knowing your audiences, mapping stakeholders, crafting theories of change, and developing core narratives. We draw on tried and tested approaches to these sessions while tailoring them to our clients’ specific needs.


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